Husqvarna Casque de sécurité professionnel : -31 % Code Promo

Prix : EUR 76,40

Genuine original Helmet Functional has a high level of features to fit individual preferences, perfect for a forest worker who seeks comfort and ergonomics in daily work. It has a 6-point textile harness for best comfort and low pressure against the head and includes the new UltraVision visor that due to low light reduction gives a clearer view. The hearing protectors have optimal ergonomics for prolonged use.;Product features:- Visor – Ultravision / Adjustable — Mesh – Light reduction of the visor is 20% over the whole mesh — Hearing Protectors – Sideways and vertical adjustable — Replaceable Lining — Date Marking — Noise Reduction NRR – 24db / SNR 26db — UV Stabilized;High Quality Genuine Husqvarna ProductGenuine Husqvarna Functional Forest Helmet with Ultravision Visor & Ear Protectors

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