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Forest Master log Bulk the stand is capable of multiple safely securing logs for the user to chainsaw, the log values are held in place by two chains which prevent the logs from moving cutting. during the main advantage of the design is when the user is the cutting logs directly below there is nothing that can be caught by chainsaw reducing the risk of injury to the user and damage to the gold chainsaw log saw horse. the Bulk stand can fold flat for storage by turning the uprights and the legs (see picture). the attached Bulk stand telescopic log is to accompany various amounts of the log logs. stand is manufactured in the UK!
Technical Specification

– loaded Easily Folds for storage
to use Simply open up
Holds multiple logs Very simple chain locking device when lifted up it snags, drops when it becomes loose meaning safe cutting
uprights-Supplied with 2, 2 feet, 2 chains and the stop wooden base –
When the cutting logs the user should be able freely to cut with no obstructions, there are many badly designed saw horses on the market –
Any obstructions will damage the chainsaw blade and give bounce back/kickback saw horse, this is safer than many others on the market-the holes are
predrilled for the base, the « U BRACKET » log holder sockets into the wood so you can change hole position by simply another hole drilling into the wood, you can make another basis from a log and leave it outside just pull out the « BRACKET » U « s and store them until a later date
– U Bracket ‘s the more you buy the longer the wood, you can cut
– Takes up to 150 kg in weight
– Height – 690 mm (storage) only to 1300 mm length, 650 mm
Width 490 mm-Weight 8.2 kg
– Manufactured in the UKContient une pile de bois de toute longueur, 250 mm de large et 870 mm de haut
Peut contenir jusqu’à 150 kg poids total de bois
Laissez-vous tomber chaînette de sécurité arrête automatiquement troncs sauter
Tourne facilement donner stockage à plat
8 kg de poids
Porteurs en forme de u sont télescopiques

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